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Monetizing Solutions to Maximize Results

Smartivi provides a comprehensive solution for publishers looking to maximize their monetization potential on
CTV and on mobile devices

We deliver high-performing monetization to top publishers and high-impact campaigns for premium brands and well-known agencies.

Our ability to connect and optimize premium publishers targeting top-tier audiences and first-class brands ensures quality engagement for advertisers and maximum results for publishers.

Experience the power of our cutting-edge platform to drive your digital and mobile advertising for unparalleled results!


Smartivi has developed cutting-edge technology to provide publishers and advertisers with a comprehensive one-stop-shop. Our technology makes it effortless to reach and impact the right audiences for each campaign while optimizing CPM and maximizing ROI.


Smartivi is committed to providing our partners with superior assets and premium audiences to amplify each brand message. Our publishers, specially selected tier-one direct websites, and customized mobile ad units help us achieve this.

Ad Server Technology

Combined with machine learning algorithms

Proprietary RTB Solution

Eliminates inefficiencies and ensures that advertising dollars are spent effectively

Hyper Automation

Utilizes millions of data points, enabling powerful integration, driving performance, and optimizing demand paths

State-of-the-art Safety Tools

Guarantee an anti-fraud ecosystem. Our protection layers combine well-known third parties for pre-bid and post-bid detection




1 billion

monthly users


publisher properties


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